Exchange Rate: May 26, 2023 10:00 am
FDB Bank | USD 2105 : 2106
FDB Bank | EUR 2257 : 2259
FDB Bank | SGD 1555 : 1557
FDB Bank | THB 60.50 : 60.85
FDB Bank | MYR 452.65 : 455.35
FDB Bank | JPY 15.01 : 15.09
FDB Bank | CNY 296.20 : 297.95

On the Friday of 25th of November 2022, FDB bank’s management team and employees from Yangon office have volunteered their time to participate in FDB bank’s CSR event.

FDB team was very happy to visit “Mahar Nwe Orphans Monastery” to provide meals for the monks, staff and children. Five millions MMK worth of necessities including bags of medication, water, rice, cooking oil and dried food were also donated. We also spent quality time to play games with the children to bring our love to them.

‘Share with love’ campaign is FDB bank’s own CSR program to help the needy people in Myanmar. We expressed our care and commitment to the community.

FDB bank is highly committed to participate in CSR programs for social contributions and support activities that helps to create a better society for the community in Myanmar as a whole.”