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Please enjoy your daily life with our FDB MPU Debit Cards. 

  • MPU Standard Debit Card
  • MPU Teenage Debit Card
  • MPU Standard Lady Debit Card
  • MPU VIP Lady Debit Card (Perfume)
  • MPU VIP Debit Card
  • MPU VVIP Premier Debit Card
Standard Debit CardTeenage Debit CardStandard Lady Debit CardVIP Lady Debit Card (Perfume)VIP Debit CardVVIP Premier Debit Card
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Standard VIP Card

Minimum age 18 years old and above (Teenage Debit Card can be applied starting from 12 years old and it has to link with his/her guardian account) 

Card Type It will be decided by bank based upon Bank’s Policies 

Card Issuance Fee3,000 MMK
Card Annual Fee2,000 MMK
Replacement Card Fee3,000 MMK

 Requirements to apply E-Commerce Service for FDB MPU Debit Cardholders

  • If FDB MPU Debit Cardholder wants to use MPU E-Commerce, the customer must first apply for MPU E-commerce Registration.
  • E–Commerce service can be apply at the following link.

Link:    https://www.mpu-ecommerce.com/Payment/OnlineEnrollment/Check

  • Please enter the below information at the respective fields in the link correctly.


                NRC / Passport Number

                Date of Birth

                Mobile Phone Number

                Email Address

  • E-Commerce application step by step process can be viewed at the following.


Step – 2


Step- 4

FDB Bank’s Debit Card is issued on the following terms & conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Card. These terms and conditions apply to all transaction involving usage of the Card. At the same time by using our Debit Card, our Customer  agree to the Terms & Conditions .

Welcome to the Card PIN Activation User Guide Version 1.00. This guide is designed to assist you in the process of activating your card PIN efficiently and securely. Whether you’re a new cardholder or need to activate a new PIN for an existing card, this guide provides clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth activation process.

For a detailed walkthrough and additional support, please refer to our complete Card PIN Activation User Guide.

You can easily apply all of the above card services with only NRC at any FDB Bank Branches.