Stop dreaming of your own car and start driving in real life! 

Get your car with FDB Bank vehicle loan! 

  • 10% per annual interest rate
  • The interest rate is variable rate pegged to a base rate i.e., the Central Bank’s Policy Rate.
  • Subject to maximum rate that can be charged according to the Central Bank.
  • Maximum 5 years
  • Minimum 30% of purchase price
  • Monthly Amortization (EMI)
  • One-time of application fee 1% on loan amount. (Application fees may be deducted from the loan amount).
  • Individual Myanmar Citizens
  • Main applicant’s age shall be 60 years at the end of loan tenor.
  • Joint Application is accepted with the immediate family member. Only one joint borrower is allowed.

  • NRC (Original/Copy)
  • House Hold Registration (Original/Copy)
  • Residence Recommendation from ward office
  • Applicant’s license one photo

  • HR recommendation letter (will include in salary, position, and year of service)
  • Pay slip 3 months or Bank statement 6 months
  • Tax 3 months
  • Employee card
  • Employee contract (if have contract)

  • Valid license (doctor’s license, engineer license, etc.)
  • Bank Statement 3 months or Proof of income

  • Contract with the shipping company
  • CDC Book (Continuous Discharge Certificate)
  • Passport (copy)
  • Bank Statement 3 months

  • Business license or YCDC license
  • SME card (if have)
  • Financial records (at least 2 years)
  • Income tax invoices (for the last fiscal 2 years)

Loan Amortization Calculator

Monthly Repayment Details

MonthMonthly Repayment AmountPrincipal AmoutInterest AmountOutstanding Balance