Manage your money

at anywhere & anytime!

A CRM, which stands for Cash Recycle Machine and is a self-service terminal that allows the customers to make cash deposit and withdrawal of cash transactions, card less withdrawal and card less reservation transactions. All successful transactions are immediately credited or debited in real time and customers will be issued an acknowledgment slip for confirming the transaction.

  • Checking Account Balance 
  • Cash Deposit (Cash Denomination 5,000 MMK and 10,000 MMK notes only) 
  • Cash Withdrawal 
  • Cardless Withdrawal 
  • Fund Transfer within FDB bank account holders 
  • Printing account mini statement (last 10 activities and transactions) 
  • Cash Withdrawal limit at FDB CRM shall be decided by the rules and regulations of the bank. It shall be in accordance with the Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) instructions.
  • Customers can enjoy the CRM facilities and features in our FDB CRM on 24/7 basis.