We provide you with the opportunity to expand your business offices and factories with our commercial loan.

  • 10% per annual interest rate
  • The interest rate is variable rate pegged to a base rate i.e., the Central Bank’s Policy Rate.
  • Subject to maximum rate that can be charged according to the Central Bank.
  • Maximum 15 years
  • Minimum 30% of purchase price
  • Monthly Amortization (EMI)
  • One-time of application fee 1% on loan amount. (Application fees may be deducted from the loan amount).
  • Minimum operating over 2 year and above business with YCDC license, company registered on DICA and others business license.
  • Completed and BCC approved Apartment, Condo, and Land & Building

  • NRC (Original/Copy)
  • House Hold Registration (Original/Copy)
  • Residence Recommendation from ward office
  • Applicant’s license one photo

  • Business license
  • DICA certificate of incorporation and company extract, company constitution
    Resolution, import/export license.

  • Financial records (at least 2 year)
  • Income tax invoices (for the last fiscal 2 year)

  • BCC (copy)
  • Grant (copy)
  • Contract between with the land owner and contractor
  • Sale contract (sale contract history)
  • Owner Book, Ownership Registration (If have)
  • NRC and House Hold Registration of Land Owner
  • Property Photo (Front, Back, Left, Right)
  • Map 105/106 (If the land and building)

Loan Amortization Calculator

Monthly Repayment Details

MonthMonthly Repayment AmountPrincipal AmoutInterest AmountOutstanding Balance