Transfer limitless amounts of money to family members, friends , and settlement for business via FDB Bank Remittance.  

  1. Name & NRC of both Remitter and Beneficiary.
  2. Address & Phone Number of both Remitter and Beneficiary.
  • Receiver will get instant notification via SMS.
  1. Original NRC of Beneficiary.
  2. SMS Notifications of receipt.
NoServiceZoneFees ChargesOnline fees
1Cash to CashEvery branch0.05%500
2Cash to AccountDifferent City0.025%500
3Cash to AccountSame CityFreefree
4Account to AccountDifferent City0.025%500
5Account to AccountSame CityFreeFree
6Account to cashDifferent City0.05%500
7Account to CashSame City0.05%500