EFF foundation was designed to encourage individuals in the society of Myanmar. For the families which have poor income in Myanmar, the hit of Covid-19 has seriously impacted their wellbeing. First and foremost, EFD Group and FDB Bank have always been trying to provide help, care, and necessities for the people of Myanmar during the global pandemic. In the recent past, EFD Group and FDB Bank donated to thousands of low-income households across different locations in Myanmar. 

Due to the serious pandemic hit, there have been many disturbances that people are facing and the rapid virus mutant has been indicating that the future has ever been so unpredictable and unstable in this way for thousands of families in Myanmar. These are challenging times for the people around the globe and especially those in Myanmar. But, the members of EFD Group and FDB Bank never shy from the hardships of trying their best to contribute their help to those who need it most. 

On account of this, Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma Mani Zawdara U Sai Myo Win, Chairman, and Founder of “EFD GROUP” and “FDB Bank,” aimed to assist essential supplies and basic food items and other basic needs of the families though EFF foundation. With the guidance of the CEO, EFD Group and FDB Bank donated over 7.13 billion in to support the resisting processes against the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of the donation is to provide the people with essential commodities and basic food supplies along with all necessities for the prevention, controlling, medical recovering and rehabilitation process at the national level during the pandemic. 

As aforesaid, EFD GROUP and EFF FOUNDATION donated to 5,200 low-income households in the areas; Yangon Regional Government; Yangon City Development Committee, the Central Bank of Myanmar, Myanmar Insurance, Electric Supply Corporation of Yangon, Mayangone Township & Thaketa Township in Yangon Region, Myitkyina, Mogaung & Momeik in Kachin State.  

EFD Group and FDB Bank aimed to send out as much help as possible to those people in difficult situations during this global pandemic. Essential supplies and foods are the most needed in various locations across Myanmar. The total donation for this time is as worth as 135.2 Billion MMK. In addition, EFD Group and EFF Foundation have donated over 7.13 Million Kyats for prevention, controlling, and treatments for the COVID-19. This donation also assists in relieving socio-economic problems which the people of Myanmar have been dealing with.  

Under the guidance of Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma Mani Zawdara U Sai Myo Win, the organization has always been dedicated to participating actively in supporting and donating for the social welfare of people, education, health, rural development, natural disaster prevention, relief, and rehabilitation processes across Myanmar.