As the New Year is at a glance and the new FDB Bank has successfully opened in Mandalay, FDB Bank celebrated a New Year annual staff party to honor the employees for their hard work. 

Farmers Development Bank’s largest annual corporate Annual Staff Party in Yangon has brought joy and excitement to FDB Bank staff. Since the beginning, the party has always been about bringing together colleagues and loved ones to celebrate a new step of FDB Bank, opening a new branch at Mandalay. 

The party was held on December 30th, 2021 at Royal Garden Hotel with a miraculous lake view of Kan Daw Gyi from 3 PM to 6 PM. The annual staff party started with welcoming cocktail drinks and there was a booth to take memorable pictures in the front, followed by team-building activities and games for all the staffs participated in. 

As the party was getting more amusing, FDB Bank’s CEO delivered an opening speech to all the employees as “We are very pleased for the grand opening of the new branch at Mandalay. I would like to appreciate all of our employees’ hard work and contribution to letting this organization up. I want to push all of you to keep doing the good work as it is and take motivation from the result.” Afterwards, a senior employee representative gave a New Year Wish speech to all the FDB Bank members who attended the party. The annual dinner was served after all the previous speeches and a truly memorable moment to celebrate and cherish lasted till 6 PM in the evening.  

Also in the Mandalay branch, the annual staff party was held on December 29th, 2021 at Landmark Sky Bar in Grand Park Hotel from 5 PM to 7 PM. The annual staff party started by welcoming the attendees with welcome drinks and photo booth session to take memorable pictures. There was also an exciting campaign for the staff to have fun; exchanging the gifts from each other. Following, CEO, U Win Lwin gave a speech to all the employees and attendees. He looks forward to more contributions from the employees to the company and extend his appreciation and recognition to all of the employee’s efforts and hardships during this unstable situation. Thereafter, a senior employee representative also gave a speech to all of the attendees and wished for the new year ahead. The annual dinner was served after all the speeches. Subsequently, the joyful karaoke program for every staff member and they all enjoyed the precious time with the colleagues, lastly followed by highly anticipated lucky draw. The annual staff party ended fruitfully at 7 PM.  The party was full of joy and all of the staff was happy to the fullest. Those moments will undoubtedly live in the hearts of the company and all of the FDB Bank members.