Exchange Rate: March 20, 2023 10:00 am
FDB Bank | USD 2105 : 2106
FDB Bank | EUR 2240 : 2242
FDB Bank | SGD 1566 : 1568
FDB Bank | THB 61.21 : 61.57
FDB Bank | MYR 466.80 : 469.55
FDB Bank | JPY 15.74 : 15.82
FDB Bank | CNY 304.15 : 305.90

On November 28th, 2022 we held a media round table discussion at our Shwe Bon Thar Branch to mark the opening of FDB Bank’s first branch in Yangon.

At our round table discussion, FDB Bank’s representatives introduced and explained about the reason for opening the second branch of FDB Bank and the first branch in Yangon, FDB Bank’s future plans and the current promotion; Ngwe Pyone and Ngwe Latt.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this new branch opening in Yangon from the beginning.

And finally a special thank you to medias who came yesterday and the event was successfully held by providing food and refreshments to the media who came to cover the news.